Monday, November 3, 2014

Super Hero Madness

This is my cute little three year old boy. How I adore this boy. At the moment he is obsessed with super heroes. I am honestly not quite sure how it happened. His older brother, now 13, was never interested in super heroes in the least bit, so this whole super hero thing has caught us way off guard. My little one has never seen any super hero movies or tv shows, so I am guessing that he became drawn to them due to the incredible (and excessive in my opinion) amount of super hero paraphernalia he sees when we are out and about.

Batman is his favorite. A dear friend of mine gave my little one this Batman costume for his birthday in September and I don't think he's taken it off since. He spends most of his day and night pretending he is Batman and saving the world from the bad guys.

When I say he is crazy about super heroes, I really mean he is crazy about them. I've always been somewhat uncomfortable about the obsession for a variety of reasons. As I have been praying about ways to help redirect some of this enthusiasm, I have felt that moving in the direction of Scripture Super Heroes would be a good thing.

While I know that this idea of Scripture Super Heroes is not a unique idea, it will be something unique for our family. After receiving this impression last week I've been made several trips to various dollar stores to try and put together a Scripture Super Hero costume trunk. My little one LOVES to dress up, so I am hoping the costumes will initially help him be interested. I've also been on the look out for pictures of various scripture heroes and ways to tell and reenact the stories in an exciting three year old way. I've tried hard to be still and listen to what would be in my son's best interest, as not only is this new territory for me, but also because He knows my little one much better than I do.

I have a few ideas to begin with, but any and all help would be most welcome!

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