Monday, April 4, 2011

was it worth it?

Almost six years ago my sister came to live with us for awhile. Every summer afternoon would find us on the couch in serious conversation while my kiddos slept. She was trying to figure out whether living the standards of the gospel were really going to make a difference in her life. She was at a crossroads, trying to know for herself if the Church was true and if that was the path she really wanted to take. I distinctly remember pleading with her to just trust me, that everything would be worth it in the end.

That summer was one of our happiest as she became a part of our little family. She became the big sister to my children and I claimed her as one of my own. We have remained especially close over the years.

Last week I had the tremendous privilege to be with her as she prepared to marry her sweetheart in the Mesa Temple. I was surprised with how close to the surface my feelings were that week, especially as she went through the temple for the first time. Tears were present as I put my arms around her at the end and whispered to her - "Was it worth it?" With a huge smile on her face and tears in her eyes, she nodded.

The week was as chaotic as any wedding week, but the sweetness of those few moments far outweighed the stress.

I left Arizona with a renewed determination to do all I can to point my own little ones to the temple. I cannot even begin to imagine what those precious days will be like.


  1. What a lovely reminder of the beauty and importance of temple covenants. What a blessing to have those little glimpses of eternity to carry us through this mortal life. =)

  2. Oh that is awesome!!! And what a beautiful bride too. Love that dress!