Friday, November 19, 2010


Music is very important to me, it always has been, from the time I was very small. I am not particularly musically gifted, it is simply something I enjoy. From the moment I get up, to the winding down of the day - there is music in the background.

Over the last few weeks I have observed both of my children humming different pieces of music from my collection. I smiled and thought -

'I am creating the soundtrack of their lives.'

Just as Bing Crosby will forever bring to mind the wonder of my favorite childhood Christmas - as my sweet children grow, the music they have heard in our home will, hopefully, bring back memories of happiness and security.

I have once again been reminded that, as mothers, how vital it is to be thoughtful and purposeful in the music we choose to fill our home with! For we are the creators of memories, the invitees of peace, the calmers of fears, the artists who create the soundtracks that will soothe the souls of our children.

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